What Part Of That NBA Top Shot Do You Really Own?

NBA Top Shot marketplace. Image from NBATopShot.com

I was on a Zoom discussion yesterday, and when I mentioned the importance of understanding exactly what rights are conveyed with an NFT (non-fungible token) purchase, one of the panelists seemed to brush it aside, as if to say, “Everybody knows what they’re buying.” The panelist was a top US venture capitalist, and an investor in Dapper Labs, which is probably best known for issuing the recent NBA Top Shot NFTs (as well as spawning the now infamous CryptoKitties — that crashed the Ethereum network a couple of years ago). …

3LAU on a couch. Photo by youredm.com

Something seismic just happened in the music business, and it had nothing to do with streaming services, labels or publishers...

For those that haven’t been following the latest phase in the digitization of everything, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), grabbed the spotlight earlier this week with what was the biggest NFT sale to date. Non-Fungible Tokens are basically digital markers that are specifically and exclusively tied to a digital asset. They can represent a unique ownership stake in the asset, are publicly viewable on a blockchain, are immutable, and can be traded on various exchanges.

All this is to say NFTs are…

Elon Musk Announces A Huge Bitcoin Purchase And Will Accept The Cryptocurrency For Tesla Purchases

Photo by Milan Csizmadia on Unsplash

If there wasn’t enough heat on Bitcoin’s volatility recently (bouncing rapidly between the low $30K to mid $40K mark in less than a week), the world’s richest person announced this week that his company, Tesla, had purchased $1.5 billion dollars worth of the digital currency, and would start to accept Bitcoin for the purchase of its products.

The announcement of the purchase came through the release of Tesla’s annual report, calling it a way to, “diversify and maximize returns on our cash that is not required to maintain adequate operating liquidity.” …

The new iOS app draws celebrities and billionaires for in-depth discussions

Clubhouse app on iOS

Sunday, January 31st, 2021 was the first time Elon Musk participated in a dialogue on the newest hipster social platform, Clubhouse. What started out as a rather typical Q&A with the richest man in the world, later turned into a very unique situation, where Elon himself took the reins as an interviewer and asked Robinhood CEO, Vladimir Tenev, the hard stuff.

For the uninitiated, Clubhouse is kind of like Zoom (without the video) meets a radio call-in show, except that it’s currently an invite-only community, where people create “shows” or “clubs” around current topics or really, anything at all. With…

Tracks Like “Mood” & “Wellerman” Are Breaking Artists & Attracting Major Labels

@nthnevnss on TikTok

Just a few weeks ago, Nathan Evans was delivering the Royal Mail in a suburb of Glasgow, Scotland, called Airdrie. At 26, and with a new wife, he wasn’t pursuing the typical path to success that many artists find familiar. There were no flights to New York, fancy dinners or showcases with A&R folks or a cadre of managers and lawyers hyping him up. In fact, he had very few resources at his disposal. What he did have, though, was perhaps better than what any inside connection in the record business could have provided him — an account on TikTok.

A Cautionary Tale For The Very Hungry…

Photo by Chad Montano on Unsplash

The day was Saturday, May 22nd, 2010. Summer was just beginning in Jacksonville, Florida, and Laszlo Hanyecz had an appetite for some pizza. It was nothing unusual for the 20 something year old programmer. He’d been working for some time on a more efficient way to mine Bitcoin — which had been created only a few months before.

Bitcoin is created by “miners,” who direct the computational forces of their computers to solve an ever more difficult algorithm, which in turn rewards them with the generation of a Bitcoin. The more Bitcoin created, the more difficult it becomes to create…

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

The prices being paid for music catalogs of late are through the roof. Recent acquisitions of song rights from the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Lindsey Buckingham, and Jimmy Iovine have all reaped eight to nine-figure pay days for these established artists (I think we can agree that Jimmy’s production contributions on albums from John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, U2, etc., can be considered a form of “art”).

At the same time, the Big Daddy of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, has risen from a couple of years of relatively flat valuations in the $3,000 — $5000 range, to top $40,000…

Photo by Eve on Unsplash

Music is currently an upside-down value proposition — what else gives you decades of enjoyment for mere pennies? It’s really the soundtrack to your life. Your favorite book might cost $15, and you may read it 2 or 3 times. Your favorite movie, you might watch 3 or 4 times and it set you back about $20. Your favorite song, on the other hand, you listen to thousands of times, and it costs almost nothing. At one point, in the midst of the early 2000s “Napster” era, people were swapping hard drives and ripping songs for free (no one does…

Photo by Matthew Davis on Unsplash

Way back when in ’97, long before music was streamed anywhere, one of the most iconic (and business savvy) artists of all time struck a deal that foreshadowed what is set to become one of the most powerful trends in the music industry today.

In a business where there are hundreds of stories of artists who end up penniless, even after hit records and careers spanning decades, it’s nice to be able to point to one artist who did well.

David Bowie was one of a handful of artists who evolved through the decades, creating bold new styles, all while…

Photo by hilary bird on Unsplash

“Van Life” advocates are taking a closer look at a different class of live-in vehicles, as Sprinters hit their limits.

Over the past 3 years the interest in living full-time in vans has really taken off among millennials and Gen X’ers looking for a way to explore the country and unload their earthly possessions. Many of them gravitated toward Mercedes Sprinter-based vehicles, complete with luxury interiors and six-figure price tags.

Class Bs

These Class B vans (as they are classified), are produced on Mercedes, Dodge and Ford chassis by a number of well-established manufacturers, including Winnebago, Thor and Airstream, as well as a growing number of small shops spread around the country, specializing in custom conversions.

One of the main selling points…

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Former Stone Temple Pilots manager, CEO & Co-Founder @ Vezt

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